Hylian Shield and Master Sword Wedding Set


We thoroughly enjoyed designing this Zelda inspired wedding set for Keanan and Kristina based on the Hylian Shield and Master Sword.


Sample image Keanan supplied illustrating the basic idea of interlocking rings


The printed wax models before casting

Often times people will design an engagement ring first and create the wedding band after they have proposed. However, Keanan went with a non-traditional direction commissioning both rings together so that Takayas could design the shield and sword to be worn separately as well as interlock!


Kristina’s finished 14K white gold Hylian Shield engagement ring features an accent ruby, emerald, and sapphire on either side of the shield centerpiece. To add definition and pop of color, Takayas plated the Wingcrest accents with 14K yellow gold.


Designing the rings to interlock


For Kristina’s wedding ring, Takayas used a diamond-shaped band to hold the Master Sword so that the sword tip wouldn’t poke her finger. By splitting the band into a more diamond shape, it also served to protect the sword design from becoming bent against the shield with repeated wear. The back of the engagement ring’s shield actually has a groove for the sword to fit into!


We couldn’t be more ecstatic after Keanan proposed and they shared their engagement photo with us! Congratulations again to the happy couple.

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8 Responses to : Hylian Shield and Master Sword Wedding Set

  1. Shauna Henry says:

    Was just wondering how much this would cost

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  4. Jesse says:

    Curious as to pricing for something similar. This is clever and gorgeous. Thanks.

  5. Sean says:

    How much would this cost?

  6. Akire says:

    This is so perfect! Now imagine if the three little stones on the ring were red, blue and green 😀

    • Akire says:

      Nevermind the light on my phone was dimmed, I see that they are now. This ring is A+

      • Takayascustomjewelry says:

        Thank you, Akire! :-) We’re glad you like it even more now that you can see the colors of the accent stones! 😉

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