Rain Necklace Featured in Swarovski Bridal Book

Trend Setter!!!!! 

Swarovski Gems has been publishing its annual GemVisions jewelry and gemstone trend reports for decades, each year announcing a set of themes tailored to inspire jewelry designers and retailers when creating collections for  buying.

The 2015  GemVisions Bridal Book was released in Vicenza, Italy in February 2014.  In time to set trend  for the 2015 bridal season.  Takayas Custom Jewelry (Takayas & Co. )  is proud to say that we have two featured items in the Upcoming Bridal trend book.  A Rain Necklace  for the day dream princess and a 18K yellow gold Urban Bio-Mechanical ring for that dream engagement.

Unique, one of a kind, and created just for you jewelry is what Takayas Custom Jewelry is all about…Making your (or her/his) dreams come true.



Rain Necklace

The more traditional princess bride is a little bit Audry, a little bit Grace, and she has been dreaming of white wedding with a touch of lace. Her wedding is supposed to be a Fairy tale.. beautiful, sparkling, brilliant, and white just like a rain drop is on a summers day.  The inspiration behind the Rain Necklace was The June bride in Japan. Growing up in Japan, June is the rainy season and in the US it the wedding season.  So with a mixture of lace and rain. I took the June inspiration form both of my homes to create this necklace.

 As most people think of a rainy season they  think of the romantic nights indoors with the one they love. When you think of a wedding you like of capturing a magical moment in a lovers life. When I think of the rain I thing of all those romantic rain scene we see in movies.  So the rain necklace was inspired by the romance that happens in the rain, And the beauty of falling raindrops. I took the beauty and shine of falling raindrops and the movement and patterns of lace and  created a necklace with just as much movement , lightness and sparkle as a single rain has. So I think falling in love is similar to June rain, it’s a fairytale, beautiful, sparkling, brilliant and white.

 The Rain Necklace copy

Gemvision page 2

Urban Biomechanical Ring


The inspiration behind the Urban Biomechanical Ring was the Study of Bio-mechanics and studying the structure and function of biological systems. The ring was inspired by that tradition of a wedding for the untraditional bride,  that wants something more unique like she is. Weddings and bride want to make the wedding and the love story to feel like them, and not someone else, so that journey usually starts with a unique engagement ring.  So incorporating Sleek designs with a imperfect nature feel, I have a “compelling simplicity” that include architectural elements with a handmade feel. Architecture was also a critical influence and inspiration on the construction of the form and strength of the ring. I find the mechanics of structure aesthetically intriguing, and often instructive on a technical level when it comes to building jewelry.

This ring designs try’s to incorporated a variety of unique architecture, and create a bold and visually impressive overall looks. By infusing architectural aspects ,intricate geometric patterns, and fusing them with a bio-mechanical feel the jewelry design makes a ordinary ring look much more futuristic and complex just like today’s bride is.

Urban Biomechanical ring copy

Urban biomechanical1

 Gemvision page 1 copy

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