Beware of Takayas Mizuno Custom Jewelry Design Imitations

March 04, 2014 Categories: Miscellaneous by 1 Comment


Beware of  imitation Takayas Mizuno custom jewelry.

I have recently discovered that a few companies are selling

Takayas Custom Jewelry designs and claiming that they are

by me . Please note that these rings/jewelry are not made by me

and we did not give any company permission to sell my designs and misrepresent me and my company.

If you are looking for a Takayas Mizuno original piece of jewelry please contact me directly,

We hope you can help us spread the word.

Thank you for all your help.

Takayas Mizuno


One Response to : Beware of Takayas Mizuno Custom Jewelry Design Imitations

  1. vanessa says:

    im looking for a ring to propose to my boyfriend lol. saw this while googling images. i initially searched pokemon but ended up seeing a pic from ur archive for zelda rings and fell in love.
    please email me with a qoute of how much and more information thankyou! <3

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